06 November 2010

New Blog!

After about a year, I've finally got a blog within my site instead of on blogger - three cheers!  Bigger pics, more orderly lines (important to me - I like symmetry)  Now everything is nice and contained, even the ability to post using Facebook - oooo, fancy!  So here's the link - check here from now on for new blog posts!  The old blog will still stay up for all my previous clients who still like to look back from time to time :)  Click the pic below to visit the new blog!

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I am 27 - I live in Lubbock, TX with my husband, Matt and our two "children" Cash (a West Highland Terrier) and Halley (a grumpy black cat). I have been interested in photography for about 12 years and have shot professionally for 2. I love shooting candid, in the moment shots and truly documenting the day. Please contact me if you are interested in a fresh, creative approach to weddings or portraits. I'm in Texas, but I'll go anywhere!